Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups

Helping dogs on the road to forever, forever finding ourselves as we walk that road with them.

The Overnighters and Weekenders

We maintain a rule at our home that we keep no more than one foster at a time. This rule is sometimes bent a little bit, thanks to the sweet puppy kisses of our “temp fosters” – otherwise knows as the overnighters and weekenders.

What’s that? But aren’t all fosters temporary, you say? Well, technically, yes. But most of the fostering we do and provide updates on are the dogs we commit to for the long haul – meaning as long as it takes for them to get adopted.  The guys you see here need a temporary landing and launching pad, either for one night or for a few days. There is always a definitive end date as to when they will stay with us based on their needs and our schedule, so sometimes, for a short period, you’ll see more than just one foster dog. These are our overnighter and weekender alumni:


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