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Thirty Days of Thanks Day 2: Warmth (by Ollie)

Today my thanks goes out to warmth.

I don’t remember much about life before leaving the shelter. But I remember the floor was cold. Then I took a long ride in a van and it was warmer. Then when stepped out, the ground was cold again. Colder than the floor even. And wet. And white.

They called it snow. I didn’t like it.

Luckily I didn’t have to stay in the snow very long, and soon made it to my new home and immediately got to looking for something warm to lay on. And I found it!


But then I found a warmer spot, so decided to lay there instead.


Mom and dad quickly discovered that I need to always find the warmest spot. And I’m proud to report that I continue to have great success in finding it. Sometimes brother Balton tries to take the warm spots, and sometimes I let him share.


Other times…well…I do what I have to do to stay warm.


I try not to ever forget or take for granted how glad I am to have found my warmth, and I try to always give warmth back whenever I can.



This time of year it starts getting cold. And so this time of year, I am especially thankful to my Lucky Dog friends, and to all the people who rescue pups like me to help us all find a warm beds, blankets, and humans to cuddle up with.


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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Well, we closed on our new place last night and Nick and I are officially home owners. We celebrated with a visit to the new place (the Greenie that Ollie left on the stairs during the walk through was thankfully still there) and per his mom’s suggestion, a bag of M&Ms (which Ollie asked us to share, we told him no for his own good). 

So moving date is Saturday for us, and as we settle into our new home sweet home, there are lots of Lucky Dogs coming up to DC and looking for theirs. A few I would like to highlight:

Rugby is here and looking for his home!

Scruff face cutie pie Rugby arrived to the DC area on Saturday, and according to his overnight foster was absolutely wonderful. This playful pup loves everyone he meets and also loves to snuggle. He also played very nicely with his overnight foster sibling on day one and was very happy to show himself off at Lucky Dog’s adoption event the next day. He’s currently in foster care and is accepting applications for his new forever family! How could you possibly not want to have this face greeting you when you come home from work?
Rugby will be at Annandale Petco this Sunday from 12-2pm(located at 7434 Little River Turnpike Annandale, VA). So come on by to meet him!
And Arriving Next Week: Jethro and Sabrina!
Um…hello? Just look at those beautiful markings and that happy little face, do I need say any more? Jethro is a beautiful boy who we believe to be a Border Collie mix. We are absolutely in love with his beautiful markings and adorable ears. At 9 months and 45 lbs, he may still have a little growing to do, but we don’t think he’ll get to be more than 50-55 lbs when full grown. Jethro passed with flying colors when tested with other dogs and children, so he would love to have a canine or human sibling to play with. If you want, we can see how he does with cats too! Border Collies are by nature very intelligent and active dogs, so be prepared to keep this guy entertained and well exercised, as bored border collie can very easily get into trouble. With his daily dose of play time, training, and mental stimulation, Jethro will give you a lifetime of happiness.
Sabrina the shepherd mix is 8 months old and has one ear that sticks straight up and the other is “dog-eared” a bit :). As you can see by her picture, she is smiling because she was just told Lucky Dog is springing her from the high-kill shelter she was in, and she’s headed north next week! Being a young dog, Sabrina will still have some left over puppy energy and need love, positive training and daily exercise (really, ball, tug, a trip to the dog park or a nice run with her human parents will do) to help her grow into a well-adjusted adult. She in turn will impress you with her smarts and steal your heart with snuggles and puppy kisses at the end of the day! Currently weighing in at 40 lbs,  this beautiful blonde girl still has a little more room to grow and will probably end up weighing 50-60 lbs when she is full grown. Sabrina gets along great with other dogs and children, so would love to have a canine or human sibling to play with. We don’t know how she is with cats, but can find out if you have household members of the feline variety!
Jethro and Sabrina get into town next Friday night, November 4 and will be at Home for the Holidays at Reston Town Center on November 5 from 11am-4pm, where I feel confident that their beautiful faces will get adopted. If you would like to get approved to adopt them before the folks at Reston Town Center get to see them, fill out an adoption application on this page and email it to me at so we can get you on your way!  
In other happy tails reading, Brownie, our adorable 1-year old pit bull mix, was featured as’s Adoptable Dog of the Day yesterday, and is now currently an internet celebrity getting networked to the masses! We hope this will help him get into a forever home, and we can’t thank enough for offering the opportunity for rescues all over the country to get their pups featured. Check him out and stay tuned for more featured adoptables.
In the mean time, if there is someone you know interested in adopting Rugby, or fostering/adopting Sabrina and Jethro when they get to town next week, please let me know and pass along their information. Let’s find these guys a home, because we all know “for the holidays you can’t beat home, sweet home.”
Hugs and puppy snuggles,
Lynn, Rugby, Jethro and Sabrina