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Operation: Adopt Nala

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

In the world of rescue, there are certain dogs who touch your heart in such a way that your heart just wants so badly to find that forever home they deserve. One such dog who has been touching hearts for some time is Nala.


Nala was rescued from a rural shelter in 2013 and has been living in foster care with my good friend Cathy for one year as of today. When Nala first arrived she was incredibly fearful of the world around her, but the safe haven of a loving foster home has been a wonderful gift for this beautiful young lady, who has begun to learn the world is full of good and has really blossomed in Cathy’s care. I’ve had the joy of spending some time with Nala and helping her practice getting comfortable around strangers in the home, and also have gotten to see her work at doggy school when I would take Ollie in for classes.

Much of the last year has been spent getting Nala really and truly ready to go to her forever home, and her foster mom knows the time has now come to find happy ever after. Although Cathy loves Nala to pieces, she knows that hers is not the right fit forever home. Having put so much time into Nala’s training and confidence building, Cathy feels confident that Nala is now ready to transition into her life with her new adoptive family. I couldn’t agree more, and hope you will help us in spreading the word about this truly special soul so she can find them.

Nala has been attending adoption events through her sponsoring rescue, Rural Dog Rescue in Washington, DC, but as you might guess, adoption events are kind of hard for shy dogs like Nala to put their best paw forward. So a few weeks ago,  I had the pleasure of practicing my amateur photography skills as part of an adoption video Cathy made for Nala.  This video allows would-be adopters to see the Nala they don’t get to see at events, and Cathy did a beautiful job highlighting Nala’s skills, playful nature, and sweet disposition. And if you watch closely, you’ll notice a certain semi-celebridog who came along for play date fun during filming to make a cameo and credit appearance.

Please share Nala’s video far and wide, and help Cathy in her mission to get Nala adopted – she’s waited oh so patiently for forever and deserves it more than any dog I know!

To learn more on how to adopt Nala, check out her adoption bio or email her foster mom at  All of us on Team Nala thank you for your support and for reporting for duty on this very important operation!


Sharing The Luck (Cheating Edition): Oh, Darling!

This week’s edition of Share the Luck is made possible through the writings of our friends at Of Barks and Bones. Darling is an adorable little beagle who arrived to the DC area back in February from a North Carolina shelter, where she had been dumped when she was very, very pregnant. She arrived to Lucky Dog very soon after and gave birth to her three adorable puppies within days. Her pups have all found forever homes, but Darling is still seeking hers! She would be best placed in a home with a second dog because she is a wee bit shy, but click on the link above or photo below to check out her blog post to find out how she stole her temporary foster’s heart and will do the same for yours!


Adopt Darling at 


Sharing the Luck: Adam Puppy Seeks Adopter

After my wonderful experience earlier this week with dear, sweet Mary, who is not my foster but captured my heart, I was inspired to take an opportunity to help share the luck for some other Lucky Dogs who may need it. So, periodically, we’ll take a step away from what we’re doing at our own foster homestead to try and “Share the Luck” for another Lucky Dog seeking a home. A Lucky Dog who, like Balton, has been in foster care for a little longer than other Lucky Dogs , maybe has a few extra needs, and who really could use some extra love sprinkled down their path to adoption.

One such Lucky Dog was featured in last week’s edition of ARLNow’s Arlington Pet of the Week  – so what better opportunity to ride on the coattails of his recent rise to fame, and tell you a little more about Adam Puppy, a 1 year old Catahoula Leopard/Dachsund Mix?

First – a bit of clarification on the name. You may well ask, “why the heck is a 1 year old dog named Adam Puppy?” A very good question, as a matter of fact. When Adam first came to Lucky Dog last January from the shelter, he actually was a puppy… a really ridiculously super cute and teeny one at 10 weeks, as a matter of fact.

adam 4 weeks (1 of 1)Adam Puppy, as a puppy.

Adam and his sister Abby were adopted to two different families. Both had the importance of puppy socialization explained to them, and went through Lucky Dog’s screening interview and home visit. Abby is still in her forever home, but after about 8 months, Adam came back to Lucky Dog.

One of my all time favorite blogs, Love and a Six Foot Leash, addresses the frustrating reality of the rescue return. Author Aleks sums up what we often feel on the rescue side of things when one of these returns happens, but also a practical and pragmatic reflection on those returns:

“Finding the perfect fit with imperfect information is a really hard task. Often we know the dog really well, and as hard as we try to screen the applicant, some critical information slips through the cracks. Other times we get a really good understanding of the adopter, but the dog is new to us or the adopter’s environment brings out behavior that we hadn’t seen before. Still other times, mismatches allow potential adopters to learn things about themselves that they hadn’t anticipated in the application process. As much as we’d all prefer a perfect match each time, returns can almost be a blessing in disguise: they allow us a more perfect match the next time around.”

In Balton’s case, the adopter’s environment brought out behavior that we hadn’t seen before. And it stuck with him, so now we are working through it with all our heart and resources that we can to help him not be defined by those behaviors, and also to learn how to give him better feelings and strategies towards them.

In Adam’s case, he was only recently out of the shelter when adopted, and still learning and growing as a puppy. There are many factors that come into play when socializing a puppy, and many critical points that can affect that puppy in his growth and development. Truthfully, it’s not really worth dwelling on what training or socialization was or was not done in his first adoptive home. He came back to us about 8 months after adoption, fearful of new situations and encounters. So, we need to make sure his new family is aware of, and prepared for, what that means in adopting Adam. Fortunately, he is incredibly cute, tenacious, and smart,  all of which definitely work to his advantage.

He has been in the care of his most recent foster since late October, and although his fear of new situations and people makes adoption events a little too stressful for him, Adam is described as a total love bug and little shadow at home by his foster. He also loves to snuggle with his doggie foster sibling, Jelli. Adam will need an experienced and patient adopter, and would prefer to go to a home without young children, but is incredibly affectionate with his people, and a skilled toy de-squeaker.  People who come visit are met with a bit of barking at first, but as long as they give Adam his space and allow him to greet on his terms, he is unbothered by guests.  As you can see, he is also a really beautiful guy with very unique markings on his sleek and speckled grey/brown/white coat.

For more information on adorable Adam, and to help him find his right fit forever home, check out his bio at and email