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Barking About Buddy, Rugby, and Room to Roam!

Busy week on the Lucky Blog front friends! I made it through Adoption Coordinator (AC) Training and now have two awesome dogs to brag about and find their forever homes! Buddy and Rugby are the handsome boys I am proudly AC’ing and accepting applications for.

Rugby Buddy

Buddy is a super cute Chi/Beagle Mix (with maybe some pug or doxie mixed in), about 2-3 years old, and 18 lbs…out of that crazy puppy phase and the perfect size package for apartment living. He’s being pulled from the shelter and arriving in DC this week. Rugby is still down in in a South Carolina Shelter and can’t wait to get his new leash on life when he arrives in DC! Their bios can be viewed at if you would like to read a little more about them! If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Buddy or Rugby, or any of the awesome Lucky Dogs, go to to see what you need to do and to download an adoption questionnaire!

Also this week, my community of Prince William County held a public hearing outlining the master plan for our soon to be (we hope!) dog park, the first of its kind in Prince William County. Personally, I’m super excited about being able to drive down the street and not across county lines to exercise little Ollie and my future fosters! While this project will be supported by the Prince William County Park Authority, it will not be paid for by them and our local dog park support group and community members need to raise about $12,050 to get the park built. That’s a lot of milkbones, so we need to create lots of awareness and make this a concerted community effort from dog-lovers in our county and elsewhere!

You can help support the project by going to our Prince William County Dog Blog ( and encouraging everyone you know to do the same. Please also follow us on Twitter at @PWCDogs and encourage others to follow us in this grassroots initiative as well! Also, if you’d like to get involved in helping us fundraise, definitely let me know!