Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups

Helping dogs on the road to forever, forever finding ourselves as we walk that road with them.

About Us

Once upon a time, a guy and a gal decided to adopt a dog.  Thanks to some really dedicated volunteers that make it their mission to rescue dogs from overcrowded, underfunded shelters in the southern part of the United States, over 6,000 dogs have been rescued by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, a foster-based rescue in Washington, DC. Although Ollie never had to go to a foster home, because we adopted him sight unseen off a transport van from South Carolina, Lucky Dog (and many great rescue organizations like it) completely depend on available foster homes to provide most of those many dogs with a chance to get out of the shelter and into a forever home.

This is Ollie at transport on his “Gotcha Day”, and during his first week with us:

ollietransport  olliesmall

And this is Ollie today:


Since we began fostering in March 2011, we have lent our home and hearts to about 20 dogs, some for as briefly as one night, and others for…well…as long as it takes. Fostering has brought us a wider range of emotions than I could have imagined, and an even wider range of lessons. Here, we strive to share their journey and find their happy ever after, and share our journey as well. Although rescue is all about the dogs, there is a very human side on the other end of the fosters’ leashes. They change our lives forever, even if their stay with us is only temporary.

Our fostering journey took an unexpected turn when we “failed” by adopting Balton, our most challenging and extraordinary Full Time Foster, in May 2013. Balton deals with fear-based reactivity toward strangers, and has taught me so much about patience, creativity, resilience, persistence, and unconditional love.



The journey we share with Balton is one we never entirely expected to take, but it has been one worth taking. Much of this blog remains dedicated to him, as well as Ollie, the occasional foster dog, and other odds and ends.

“I do believe that something out there in the universe brings us the dogs that we need, at just the time when we’re ready to find each other.”
Sassafras Lowrey


One thought on “About Us

  1. Huh. Would have guessed you’d been fosters longer than this! Grateful for all you do!


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