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Thirty Days of Thanks Day 3: A Big Orange Bed (by the Dogs)


We’re thankful for our big orange bed, mostly because it always seems to catch all the warmest sunbeams.





Author: faithtrustnpups

Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups is a combination blog for animal welfare, humane education/positive training, recognizing the beautiful bond that exists between pets and their people, and other fun stuff. I share information about adoptable pets in the DC metro area, promote animal rescue and resources to support adopters and fosters, and share stories and lessons related to the dogs I care for. Much of my writing is for especially my "foster failure" with some specific fear-based issues. In an effort to help understand often wonderful, sometimes challenging dogs like him better, I learn to understand myself. Together, we share our stories, and walk together, leash in hand, and in building faith and trust within one another and within ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Thanks Day 3: A Big Orange Bed (by the Dogs)

  1. 1. Super cute! 2. Jake would love those windows, he could actually see out of them!


    • We love our big to-the-floor windows, but as it turns out, we decked out the bottom half of the front and side windows with privacy film so that they (namely, Balton) can’t actually see out of them, but the sunlight can come in. It’s reduced in-the-home barking at the neighbors quite a bit. However, should Jake ever come to visit, he’ll be happy to know the back windows still retain full visibility…mostly since all they look to is trees.


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