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Foster Flashback Friday: The Fosterhood of the Traveling Adopt Me Collar


I am experimenting with a new blog feature that may inspire me to actually maintain one consistent weekly update. Call it my effort at self-motivation when I sometimes lose focus on things, but I think this will be a fun one.

Since our venture into foster failure, we are on hiatus from being able to provide the same level of  temporary housing as we once were to future Lucky Dogs. It’s true that I am not currently fostering, and look forlornly at the emails sent out on an almost daily basis by Lucky Dog’s Foster Coordinator. Though it’s been over 10 months since I agreed to take my last “full time’ foster, it’s hard to reconcile with the fact that I can’t help the next pup who needs it – especially those dogs who really could use a foster home more than others.

Tapping into the original purpose of this blog, while still hoping to add something for the here and now, I offer to you “Foster Flashback Friday.” Where I tap into some of the fun memories of previous houseguests, and some completely random experience I had with them and apply it to helping a dog today. Some may be funny, some may be a little sappy, but all will contain some useful nugget or call to action. I don’t know how long I may be able to sustain this, but it sure seemed like a novel idea in my head. With that, I encourage any fellow fosters out there who may have some “Foster Flashback” stories they would like to share in that spirit – email them along to me here or share them on Facebook. And, tell me what you think of the idea and posts in general, k? If you hate it, I won’t keep keepin’ on with it.

So, onto this week’s inaugural Foster Flashback Friday. Which frankly doesn’t flash back all that far.

Several months ago, I was introduced to Sirius Republic through the wonders of social media by way of our friends at Dirty Paw Photography. Their mascot dog, Oliver, was shown sporting one of their collars and I thought it was awesome. I also learned that Sirius Republic does beautiful handmade collars in all sorts of styles (including martingale, my preferred style and the required style for Lucky Dog fosters) and free “Adopt Me” embroidery for foster dogs on their collars when you order.

The icing on the cake: they also donate a portion of proceeds from their sales to local rescues all over the country. Sweet, right?

Fast forward a few emails and a credit card charge. Lucky Dog had their own rescue code set up, and Balton had an “Adopt Me” collar with shamrocks to give him EXTRA luck and get adopted. To a family that was not mine.


Well, that didn’t happen exactly as planned. So after we signed the adoption paperwork in late May, we donated this collar to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue for use with future adoption efforts and I’ve now seen it on at least 3 dogs. I’m pleased to see it’s working it’s lucky magic a little better now that Balton’s no longer wearing it (although some people have argued its magic worked just fine for him too).

Not to be left out, we also bought Ollie a Sirius Republic collar just because.


But then we donated that one too after we purchased post-adoption collars in complementary argyle patterns.


“Yeah! We look good, but don’t photograph together all that well!”

I’ve seen Ollie’s collar on a few fosters as well, though admittedly it has a little less meaning since Ollie was never really up for adoption in our house. Still, glad to see it continues to make the rounds.

The Fosterhood of the Traveling Adopt Me Collar can, and should, be continued with more than one collar (this is where the call to action comes in)!  Consider donating a martingale collar for a foster dog (make sure you have them embroider it “Adopt Me” for good measure!) and have it sent to Lucky Dog. Or, if you would like to support Lucky Dog with some sweet Sirius Republic Gear for your own dog, you can do that too at (start browsing and you’ll be hard pressed not to).

Whether you shop for you or for a dog in need, be sure to include the rescue code RPLD37 to make sure Lucky Dog gets supported in some way!

I would also like to note that I don’t receive any sort of revenue or free stuff for talking about how cool Sirius Republic is (or anyone for that matter, I’m not that important of a blogger yet). I just really love the quality and craftsmanship of their stuff, and love what they do to support animal rescues from coast to coast through their small business endeavors. 


Author: faithtrustnpups

Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups is a combination blog for animal welfare, humane education/positive training, recognizing the beautiful bond that exists between pets and their people, and other fun stuff. I share information about adoptable pets in the DC metro area, promote animal rescue and resources to support adopters and fosters, and share stories and lessons related to the dogs I care for. Much of my writing is for especially my "foster failure" with some specific fear-based issues. In an effort to help understand often wonderful, sometimes challenging dogs like him better, I learn to understand myself. Together, we share our stories, and walk together, leash in hand, and in building faith and trust within one another and within ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Foster Flashback Friday: The Fosterhood of the Traveling Adopt Me Collar

  1. Love this idea! Hopefully we can both keep up our new Friday blog features 😉

    Lily is overdue for a new collar but I’m not in love with any of the fabrics/patterns Sirius Republic has right now so I’m waiting for some new ones to pop up on the website, which seems to happen fairly frequently. I’m limited in that I try to only get her darker colored collars so it’s not as noticeable if they get a bit dirty.


    • You’re wise. I smartened up on my second order. While I enjoyed the “Go Fetch” pattern for Ollie, it got dingy rather quickly.

      We’re having better luck with the argyle patterns in terms of dirt showing, but Balton’s does fare better since it’s brown. I still think they will last until December, at which point I plan to get holiday patterns (and maybe bowties?) for Christmas cards. 🙂


  2. I don’t know how I missed this post when it first published! Was Freja, the pretty girl Great Pyr, the first to wear the Lucky Balton collar? I saw it in the pile at transport and grabbed it right away because I knew it would be good luck. I tried to get a photo of Freja in the collar, but the collar was hard to see under all her fluffy fur. Funny — I hadn’t noticed Ollie’s collar making the rounds.

    I love this blog feature idea. I would love to read more about your previous fosters!


    • Freja was the first, and it worked out great for her. 🙂 I recall seeing her in it when I drove her to the 5k in Olney. Bud the black lab is wearing it now, and I know someone else had it in between. I THINK I saw Nellie in Ollie’s collar last week?

      Oh yeah, there be stories to share. Some I withheld on sharing previously because I thought it might squash their adoption chances. 🙂


      • There was definitely someone before Bud, but I can’t recall who! Worked out well for that pup too! I’m going to try to remember to get a photo of any dog at an event wearing the collar.


  3. We love how all of you volunteers remember and celebrate each of these pups’ adoptions, shows how dedicated and close-knit Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is. And 6 adoptions in such a short time is just awesome! Thank you!


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