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This morning, Nick, Ollie, Vance and I loaded up the car and headed out to Matapeake Beach in Stevensville, MD, just on the eastern side of the Bay Bridge. Our excursion was not simply to take advantage of their dog-friendly beach along the Chesapeake Bay. Nope, we were on a mission and on our way to a meeting point that would ultimately bring our Vancey to his new forever. Vance’s new family came all the way from Delaware to bring him home, so our boy traveled about 125 miles to his new home today (add that to the 500+ miles our boy traveled last week to get here…he’s quite the little road tripper)!

Vance’s family is so lovely, and it was love immediately. If there was any doubt about the road traveled to bring their new little one home, Vance quickly went to work about erasing them as he stared giving them kisses straight away and loving on them in his oh so snuggly and charming way. Vance’s new human parents (and his new canine sister Madison) came upon Lucky Dog more than a year after Madison’s canine brother passed away at age 15. Searching out the perfect companion locally after taking their appropriate time to grieve, they had been searching for a long time when Kim, Vance’s new mom, got a call from her brother (who lives locally to the DC area). He had seen Lucky Dog at one of our usual out and about events and pointed Kim in our direction. She mostly fell for Vance on his photo alone (I can relate, that’s sort of how it went with Ollie for Nick and me. ;)) but after chatting with her Thursday night, I could tell how excited she was and how loved he was going to be.

First family photo, do you think they’re all happy enough?

Vance will have a half acre totally fenced in yard to romp and play in, and much to everyone’s delight, introductions with Madison were as good as anyone could have guessed they could have gone. When they brought him home she wagged her little nub, gave a friendly little sniff, and then the two started playing straight away. Thus effectively calming any additional worry that may have existed as to whether this was a perfect forever after. We’ve gotten a few photo updates already, and while any new transition into a new home naturally takes time, I think Vance will be okay with a little time and patience.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s over us already.

Back to a party of 3, Ollie, Nick and I followed up the adoption with a trip to the Dog Beach…

…which Ollie enjoyed until I actually made him go in the water and try his hand at swimming, after which he wanted out of the Chesapeake Bay and chose to roll his wet self in the sand.

Suffice it to say our day at the beach didn’t last long, but was well worth it as we sent another foster sibbie home. Tomorrow we will be welcoming our next houseguest to the Heun Homestead, so check back on the Lucky Blog super soon to meet our newest foster pup…


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Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups is a combination blog for animal welfare, humane education/positive training, recognizing the beautiful bond that exists between pets and their people, and other fun stuff. I share information about adoptable pets in the DC metro area, promote animal rescue and resources to support adopters and fosters, and share stories and lessons related to the dogs I care for. Much of my writing is for especially my "foster failure" with some specific fear-based issues. In an effort to help understand often wonderful, sometimes challenging dogs like him better, I learn to understand myself. Together, we share our stories, and walk together, leash in hand, and in building faith and trust within one another and within ourselves.

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