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2 Months of Short Legged Steps Forward

Well lucky bloggers, when last I left you it was exactly 1 month and 1 day ago. The month of March was a crazy one with my day job, so my Lucky Dog storytelling took a short sabbatical, except for one liner updates on my Facebook page. Speaking of, the Lucky Blog now has its own page so that maybe I can increase my follow base to people beyond my circle of Facebook friends, and the same people maybe don’t have to hear me go on about the cute/funny/weird/challenging things my foster dog has been up to (okay, maybe the second piece of that is a pipe dream, sorry Facebook friends). In any case, to find the Lucky Blog on Facebook, simply visit us at This is a space where you’ll not only find links to the blog, but other snippets of “additional content”, fun links, and random updates from life at the Homestead.

So. One month later in my once-upon-a-time foster world meant I may have been through 2-3 fosters by now. Suga is a stubborn little lady though, and doesn’t seem to want to leave us quite yet. She has had a slight bit of interest from prospective adopters, but since I took over official screening duties I have yet to receive a single official application on the little lady. A couple of “what a nice dog” responses at events and some follow-up questions, but I have’t gotten to a screening interview yet. When I come home and Nick finds me on the phone talking to someone about our adoption policies and asking/answering questions (Suga curled up next to me on the floor, couch, or bed) my husband gives me an excited questioning look and points to her. I give my “not this time” look we don’t really know if it’s disappointment or perhaps a little relief that we feel.

Yup, that’s the face…

Suga had one family that initially seemed a good match about 3 weeks back – they had a second dog and had been pre-screened and approved by another adoption coordinator, and as her bio is pretty straightforward about both her awesome qualities and her shyness (in general and specifically at adoption events) I sort of thought they knew exactly what to expect. I even offered the additional disclaimer, “hey, she’s not always awesome at adoption events so we can do a meet and greet at home if you’d like.” They seemed eager to meet her and no visit at home seemed necessary. Nick and I had fully prepared ourselves to give her up that week, and as she and I headed up to Kensington, MD I braced myself to come back with an empty car. The adopters came and went while I was working on a contract with another adopter, and before I got a chance to talk with them, they had decided that Suga wasn’t the dog for them. But as I came back to her, she had this sort of triumphant look on her face like “HEY MAMA LYNN! I’m sticking with YOUUU!”. And i couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

So since then, we’ve been waiting for that first application and making great progress in the mean time. Last week, she gave the dog walker kisses. And remember that first trip to the dog park? Where she attempted to escape under the fence and then hid under a bench? Well, we’re moving forward from that. Check out our most recent trip to the puppy playground (and notice the tail position!). Pretty much she is a giant goofball love bug at home, and gets braver and braver (and by default, sillier and sillier) every day. 

In our down time, she spends her time doing typical dog things like sniffing around in the yard….
Hanging out with her foster brother…
And hogging all the pillow. 

To help this sweet gal get adopted, see and share her bio at There have been quite a few folks asking when Suga’s going to be here to stay, and we are looking to prove them wrong and find her an even better forever home than the one she’s got now. We know it’s out there, we just need to find it. 

Hugs and LOTS of puppy kisses (have I mentioned how much she LOVES to give them??),
Lynn & Suga