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Happy Tails Tale (aka post-Thanksgiving Update from Sabrina’s new home)

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Below is a note from Sabrina’s new mom, including some pictures of the cutie with her canine sibling, Skittles. Rescue can sometimes have it’s stressful moments, or your moments of wondering if you have failed somehow along the way. These are the notes that make fostering and rescue so totally worth it.

We had family in town for the long weekend. Everyone loved Sabrina, and Sabrina loved everyone right back!
We have been working with her while on walks not to “walk” us, and she is improving. She does seem to try to take over new walkers, as family members wanted the opportunity to hold the leash, but she quickly got the hang of each new person. It was quite a pain at first trying to get her to go into her kennel for the day, but since she has realized that she will get a treat if she does it on her own, we haven’t had too many issues. She actually likes going into Skittles’ kennel with her, even though she has her own! They are very affectionate towards each other, very cuddly and playful. We’ve also been working on sit and stay while we prepare her meals, and she has started to get the hang of waiting until we say she can eat. She now waits patiently like a little angel.
Overall our first week and a half has been wonderful. She remains very loving and always wants to be on one of our laps. Luckily, she has been very gentle and patient with the baby, so that is a blessing.

I’ve attached some pictures of Sabrina and Skittles cuddling. They are very cute together. I’m pretty bad at remembering to take pictures, but I will try my hardest to periodically update you with any I have taken!
I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and thank you for the continued support!

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Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups is a combination blog for animal welfare, humane education/positive training, recognizing the beautiful bond that exists between pets and their people, and other fun stuff. I share information about adoptable pets in the DC metro area, promote animal rescue and resources to support adopters and fosters, and share stories and lessons related to the dogs I care for. Much of my writing is for especially my "foster failure" with some specific fear-based issues. In an effort to help understand often wonderful, sometimes challenging dogs like him better, I learn to understand myself. Together, we share our stories, and walk together, leash in hand, and in building faith and trust within one another and within ourselves.

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