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Wedding Bells and Puppy Plugs

Well friends, it’s been awhile since I have blogged about a dog because I have not had a full time foster since Lily got adopted in late May. Things have been pretty quiet in this foster mom’s house, because I promised my soon to be husband no more foster pups until after our wedding, which is officially a mere 4 weeks away. I had hoped to be more diligent about posting information about some of the dogs that are in boarding but sadly have been a bad blogger.

Well no more! I am hoping to highlight some of these amazing pups and tell you all about them.

These dogs are in unique situations, because they do not have a foster home, so while they have been pulled from a high kill shelter, they are in Doggie Day Care with one of Lucky Dog’s boarding partners. Day Care is fun and all, but having a house to go to at the end of the day would be way better. So we are not only trying to find them a forever home, but someone to keep them in foster care so they can grow and develop in a home setting! So, in learning about them, maybe you would want to consider fostering them or know of someone who can give them a temporary place to hang out, or even better, a forever home! So without further ado, meet BJ!

B.J. the Big Goofy Furry Ball of Love!
I’m BJ, and I would LOVE to ride home with YOU!

Two weeks ago at an adoption event, I got to hang out a little with BJ, who is a Bulldog/Lab mix and a totally sweet, funny, goofy dog. BJ definitely has been through a bit, having been pulled from a shelter and going through treatment for heartworm, but you wouldn’t know it by his happy disposition. BJ is the type of dog I would readily take in as a foster and go for long runs with, although he is a little picky about his canine friends so Lucky Dog recommends he be an only 4-legged child. However, he LOVES two-legged children, so if you have any of those BJ would get along great with them.

Also, the trainer who has been working with BJ loves him so much, that she is offering his adopter a FREE professional obedience course. Anyone who knows about doggie school knows that training is NOT cheap, so knowing you’ll be able to get BJ some great schooling is just an added bonus to the love and hugs and puppy kisses he will give you even without the obedience training!

To learn more about BJ, go to or see his blog posting (yep, he wrote it himself) at And if you’d like to give him a foster home and are in the DC Area, he sure would love one! Go to to tell the nice volunteers from LDAR that you hears what an awesome dog BJ was from my blog and you would LOVE to have him crash at your place, and they will help you get started!

Puppy Kisses, Paw Shakes, Snuffles and Snuggles,
Lynn & BJ